SunnyBAG PowerTAB Festival Edition

Category: Solar system

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Product features 

Who doesn't know this: camping at a festival - but where do I get power for 3 or 4 days? A straight power bank does often not have the capacity. Therefore, the SunnyBAG PowerTAB is the ideal companion for every festival. The portable solar system has an integrated battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh. This battery can be recharged via solar panel over and over again. This guarantees self-sufficient power supply during your stay at the festival.


While enjoying the day at the camping site, the PowerTAB can easily be mounted on the tent facing towards the sun - the rest works all by itself. With the 3-stage LED status display located on the front of the panel one can always check on the present charging status. After a long festival day, the desired mobile devices can easily be plugged in to the PowerTAB and be recharged overnight in order to have full batteries on the next "morning" and be prepared for more party.

function battery charging with SunnyBAG PowerTAB

With a fully charged SunnyBAG PowerTAB a smartphone or a Bluetooth speaker can be recharged between 2 and 3 times, it depends on the size of the battery. Action cams, which have a significant smaller battery, can of course be recharged more often.

As a bonus, there is a LED light system on the back of the PowerTAB. This can be used as light at night in order to find the way to the tent even when it's dark.

integrated power bank
integrated power bank
high-efficient 5 watts power
high-efficient 5 W power
splash proof
splash proof
integrated reading lamp
1 W LED light
USB compatible
USB compatible
3-stage LED display
3-stage LED display

Compatible devices

Das SunnyBAG PowerTAB is designed to charge any mobile device that shouldn't be missing at a festival and that can be charged via USB port. Electronic mobile devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, action and digital cameras, portable music players (mp3. und mp4. player), Bluetooth speakers and many more additional devices can be operated via the ecologically friendly solar energy.

compatible devices

Charging times

charging times


Known for the successful Kickstarter campaign - Funding more than €80.000



21,7 x 16,4 x 2 cm/ 340 gram

Solar panel technology   

highly efficient monocrystalline cells 

Solar panel power

5000 mWp

Battery technology

SunnyBAG USB-converter and integrated 5,000 mAh - battery pack

Output voltage  

5 volt

Output Direct Charger / Power Stick

Standard USB output

Integrated battery pack

5,000 mAh, 1 A charging current, LED control button


Smartphones, action, digital & video cameras, MP3 players, Bluetooth speakers and lots more