SunnyBAG Action Solar Case

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Product features

Use the Action Solar Case when cycling, surfing, or during alpine sports etc. and charge it with the energy of the sun wherever you are. The Action Case protection box only weighs a total of less than 600g and provides 3.15 watts of power that can directly charge a GoPro action camera, Google Glass, smartwatches, smartphones, wearables, and GPS devices as well as any other devices that charge via USB port.

The integrated solar panel is water, shock, and scratch proof and simply looks good during any adventure you embark on. When positioned to direct sunlight it can fully charge a GoPro camera in less than 100 minutes.

The Action Case contains a polyurethane compartment especiallly for a GoPro camera and four additional compartments to hold other electronic devices, accessories or battery packs. Like this you can store any action cam easily and securely.

protection box
protection box
3.15 watts
3.15 watts
custom made
custom made
weather proof
weather proof

Charging directly mobile devices

The SunnyBAG Action Solar Case has a direct USB charging port. So when the solar panel is in direct sunlight, you can use the energy immediately and charge directly your mobile device via USB port. This means, when you are on the go, you can directly plug in and charge your GoPro camera.

Storing solar energy

The SunnyBAG PowerStick 6.000 and the SunnyBAG PowerBank 10.000 are the perfect upgrade to stay energized with solar energy even at adverse weather conditions. You just need to connect the PowerStick or PowerBank to the Action Case in order to buffer the energy, so that you can recharge your devices later on.

Compatible devices

The SunnyBAG Action Solar Case is designed for recharging your mobile companions which can be charged via USB port. Because of its compact design, the Action Solar Case is perfect for charging action cams, such as GoPro. For bigger devices the charging time is a little longer than with other SunnyBAG products. The SunnyBAG Action Solar Case is most suited for charging action cams, mobile phones, digital cameras, smartwatches, GPS and satellite devices, music players and many more.

compatible devices

Charging times

charging times


Color black
Material synthetical, TPE
Dimensions 24 x 17,5 x 6 cm (W/H/D)
Volume 2.1 liters
Weight 530g
Charging technology Direkt Charger
Outlet Standard USB output
solar panel technology Monocrystalline solar panel
Solar panel power 3150 mWp
Compatible devices Mobilephones, mp3-Player (e.g. iPod), navigation systems, ebook reader, Kameras, etc. In general all electronic devices, that are rechargeable via USB port.